Providing Machine Driven Security for our Customers.

We are a security company that specializes in using machine learning to perform penetration tests on network and computer systems. We utilize years of knowledge in the security field, with tools built in-house that utilize machine learning, to ensure that our customers are safe from any potential threats. We combine the ingenuity of the human brain with the power of the machine to find weaknesses in systems.

We aspire to build long-lasting, trust based relationships with our customers. If you are interested in learning more about how to use our service please contact us.

What Makes AttackPointSecurity Unique

The main problem with penetration testing, in its current form, is the reliance on a human. They simply will not be able to find all of the vulnerabilities, however by utilizing machine learning we are able to create an algorithm that can through its utilization of a larger knowledge pool. Every exploit or vulnerability can be utilized as training point for our model.

Our Values

The intent is to create long lasting partnerships between ourselves and our clients. We provide the security services that are needed for our clients so that they can focus on providing the best services or products for their customers.

Our mission is to integrate machine learning into the penetration testing field. Machine learning allows our system to utilize a wide range of data from known vulnerabilities to ensure that our clients have been tested against all threats.

The end goal of every engagement is not to hand over a threat report but to ensure that our clients understand where the threat comes from and how to ensure that it is mitigated.

Our Services

We provide consulting services in Security, Privacy, and Cloud Automation / Architecture. If you are interested in looking at our offerings please view the link below.