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Time to put on your tin foil hats - Guide to security and privacy

Security, Privacy1 min read

In this set of blog posts I intend to do a deep dive into the current topics of digital security and privacy. This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart, having spent over ten years pursuing a career in these fields, I hope to share some of things that I have picked up along they way.

For each topic I will start by explaining what it is / how it is used, what are the security and privacy implications of the topic, and I will explain what an individual can do to protect themselves. I will give a range of suggestions for ones "operational security" (opsec) from a casual user to someone who is wearing a tin foil hat. I will try and to point to as many sources as I can and show other resources one can look into. Real world examples and consequences will be used to support the topics as well.

Topics (List will grow with added topics):

A short intro about me and why I do this:

The TL:DR is that I find thinking about (and implementing) operational security and privacy fun. I don't try and live my life as a digital hermit as I still like to have functioning digital (and real) life. I do however try and understand the different ways that technology can impact me and occasionally pretend I am a person of interest for governments (I am not, I hope...). I don't wear a tin foil hat just yet but do try and follow what I preach. It has been a interesting journey so far, where I have not only learned topics in computer science, but also psychology and political science.

I will try to write one entry per ~1 or 2 weeks.